Saturday, June 13, 2009

Punch Drunk Predictions: UFC 99

The record is getting better - 7-3 at WEC 41 helped - but the fights are getting harder.

Time to flip a coin and see who will emerge victorious... okay, so I'm not flipping a coin, but it's pretty damn close with some of these fights.

Mirko "Cro Cop" (22-5-2) vs. Mostahpa Al Turk (6-4)
I don't care that Cro Cop is most likely nowhere near the Cro Cop of old. Did you see the way Checik Kongo demolished Al Turk in their last fight? One big kick and this one is done. You don't bring him back on a one fight deal if you expect him to get dummied.

Spencer Fisher (23-4) vs. Caol Uno (27-11-4)
As much as I love seeing Spencer Fisher in wars, that inability to finish guys in those stand-up slugfests is what I see working against him. While he might pick away at Uno, the veteran has simply been down that road too many times against higher calibre opponents.

Marcus Davis (21-5) vs. Dan Hardy (21-6-1)
Thing with poking a bear with a stick is that sometimes, the bear gets mighty pissed and claws your arm off with the stick still in your hand. Unfortunately, I don't think Marcus Davis is that kind of bear. He'll be fired up and despite what he says, will be trying to kill Dan Hardy. Then he'll make a mistake and catch a counter hook in the bean and drop like a sack of potatoes.

Mike Swick (13-2) vs. Ben Saunders (7-0-2)
One thing I'm certain of is that there will be a finish in this fight. When it will come and who will be the one getting their hand raise will all depend on who controls the action. Swick will be looking to pick his spots from a safe distance and Saunders will be looking to use his reach and that deadly Thai clinch. Flip a coin...

Cheick Kongo (24-4-1) vs. Cain Velasquez (5-0)
Kongo has looked damn good in his last couple fights, but Cain just keeps getting better. I liked that he was pissed he didn't finish Denis Stojnic sooner, that shows hunger to me. The guys Kongo has struggled with - Carmelo Marrero and Heath Herring - took the fight to the ground and used their wrestling on the big man. Neither of them is in the same category when it comes to wrestling as the former ASU All-American.

Rich "Ace" Franklin (26-4) vs. Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva (32-9-1)
Simple as this: if Wandi is still all about pleasing the fans, he's going to get laid out. If he sticks to a game plan and uses his aggression wisely, he'll get the win. Remember, Franklin sure didn't like being in Anderson Silva's clinch and Wanderlei has a deeply clinch game too.

Punch Drunk Predictions
Record: 20-21

Preliminary Card
John Hathaway over Rick Story
Denis Stojnic over Stefan Struve
Paul Kelly over Roli Delgado
Paul Taylor over Peter Sobotta
Dennis Siver over Dale Hartt
Justin Buccholz over Terry Etim

Main Card
Mirko Cro Cop over Mustapha Al Turk
Caol Uno over Spencer Fisher
Dan Hardy over Marcus Davis
Ben Saunders over Mike Swick
Cain Velasquez over Cheick Kongo

And in the Main Event of the evening...

Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva over Rich Franklin!

Now touch gloves and come out swingin'...

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