Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Force is Strong in This One

My evil powers of hampering fighters futures is apparently growing. Talking to me is becoming a dangerous thing.

First, Kenny Florian fought hard before succumbing to B.J. Penn at UFC 101 and I thought nothing of it.

Then, Tim Hague spent more time on the phone with me than he did upright in the cage at UFC 102 in Portland. My destructive powers were getting stronger.

Now, Sam Stout will not even be fighting tonight at UFN 19 in Oklahoma, as Phillipe Nover suffered a seizure in the locker room.

Talking to me is keeping money out of these guys' pockets...

(Note: all jokes aside, we're happy to report that Nover is fine and has no injuries at this time. According to Dana White, Sam was the class act I know him to be through this whole thing.)

1 comment:

  1. I was really shocked first time I see the picture on this site. It looked horror. Why did you say "Talking to me is becoming a dangerous thing"?


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