Friday, May 8, 2009

Canada's Sports Leader?

TSN is Canada's equivalent to ESPN; it's our flagship National sports network and one that hails itself as "Canada's Sports Leader."

Riddle me this TSN: Shouldn't the self-proclaimed sports leader be at the forefront of just about everything, covering the sports that people care deeply about?

Not that you're not doing an outstanding job with the curling and showing poker and fishing and NASCAR for those who enjoy it, but tell me, where is the Mixed Martial Arts coverage?

The website coverage is average at best. One of the beauties of the Internet is the rapidly changing coverage and information you can obtain, yet TSN has stories that sit and stagnate for weeks on end. Why is there still a link to a story about Dana White's tirade against Loretta Hunt? Get fresh already.

Then there is the coverage on the network itself. More correctly, the lack of coverage.

I honestly don't think I have ever seen an MMA segment on an edition of SportsCenter. Sure, some MMA guys pass through on a show like Off the Record, but where is the dedicated programming to the fastest growing sport in the world?

The Score has The MMA Show with Mauro Ranallo and Sportsnet has rolled out MMA Connected with "Showdown" Joe Ferraro, yet TSN continues to have nothing in the way of MMA coverage.

Canada has an outstanding crop of fighters, including one of the best fighters on the planet, yet our supposed sports leader dedicates no time to the coverage, promotion or recognition of their sport.

C'mon TSN... get with the times and get on the MMA.

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