Saturday, May 30, 2009

The UFC 100 is Coming

UFC 100 is coming up fast and I for one am thoroughly impressed.

From the early shows dominated by Royce Gracie that helped make a name for Ken Shamrock, Kimo and Tank Abbott to the glitz and glamor that surrounds today's events, the UFC has come a long way, baby.

Back in the day, I never would have imagined the UFC getting to Pay-Per-View #100. There were too many opponents, too many roadblocks and too few states willing to host cards.

But now we're getting close and while the UFC and Spike TV will be bringing you the Top 100 Fights special in the coming month, we here at Keyboard Kimura are going in a different direction.

We're ranking the Top 100 Fighters in UFC History and we want your help. No one man can remember everyone and despite our encyclopedic knowledge of UFC history and willingness to spend hours on the Internet trying to recall who was the first guy to "beat" Royce Gracie, we know we're going to miss someone.

So, send us your Top 5, your Top 10 or even your favorite underrated fighter that you think we should consider. You can either leave your suggestions in the comments section or email them to me directly at

Who will be #1? Who will be #100?

You'll start finding out July 1 and we'll deliver 10 a day until we unveil #1 on July 10, the day before UFC 100.

And don't worry, we're still going to be breaking down all the fights on the Main Card too with our Fight Week Previews. Double duty never hurt anyone, especially when they're trying to make a name for themselves.

Get us those fighters and get ready for the UFC 100!


  1. UFC 100 will be on

  2. MMA has come a long in a really big way. The world is finally turning us on. This means we need proper training and new blood to keep the sport moving in the right direction.


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