Thursday, May 14, 2009

Worst Announcer Ever?

The WEC needs to find a new color guy. Frank Mir is horrible.

I know I'm way late on this, what with more than a month having passed since the card in question took place, but I have two defenses for my tardiness.

1. I was in the Dominican getting married
2. I live in Canada and we don't have Versus, so I had to wait for someone else to show the fights.


I finally got a chance to watch WEC 40 last night while I was making dinner and it's quite possible that Frank Mir is officially the worst announcer in the history of professional sports. Take all the things that you hate about individual announcers - homerism, over-excitement, calling guys by the wrong name, general douchey attitude - pour it into a shirt two sizes too small, top with bad hair and chin pubes and you have the Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion.

First, there is an air of superiority to everything he says, as if the guys fighting are lesser individuals because they didn't execute the right move or missed an opportunity.

Second, you can clearly tell which fighter Mir is pulling for, which is bad because he was cheering for the wrong guy in two of the four televised fights. Even though Joseph Benavidez was all over Jeff Curran, all Mir kept talking about was how Curran was great off his back and could land a big right hand. Then the Urijah Faber prodigy won a Unanimous Decision.

That's besides the point, since he should be remaining objective and impartial to begin with.

Third, the names. It's pretty important to get the guy's name right. We all know the Las Vegas native would go bananas (B-AN-AN-AS) if someone called him Frank Muir or Mears or whatever, so how is calling Takeya Mizugaki "Misaki" for the entire fight justified?

I know it's hard and all, what with those extra two syllables, but you're getting paid (presumably) to call this thing, so get it right.

And don't get me started on his ridiculous comments about Brock Lesnar from last week either or we'll be here for days.

Like I said, I know I'm way late on this, but regardless of my timing, Frank Mir is still in the Hall of Fame of Horrible Announcers.


  1. i didnt think mir was that bad at the actual presentation aspect of it, but he was a bit bias. his breakdown of the fights were good, trying to make it basic for the casual fan, and i dont think he was overly cheesy or dramatic. he may not be a joe rogan but i dont mind mir at all commentating

  2. I don't think Mir is usually that bad, but you're right, he was at WEC 40. And the Misaki thing was inexcusable. I forgot all about that.


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