Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Official "Bring Back Mayhem" Petition

This is an open petition to Dana White and the UFC.

I want to see Jason "Mayhem" Miller back in the UFC. Not because he's the host of a really, really bad reality TV show on MTV where he is paid to act like a cartoon version of himself, but because there is unfinished business to be handled and the entertainment value of it all.

We'll start with the second half of that equation, the entertainment value. For my money, there isn't a more entertaining entrance for a fight than a Mayhem entrance. While the UFC doesn't have the same ramp intros as they do in various other organizations, there is still a long walk to the ring and having the entertaining Mayhem and Co. breakdancing to the ring to "Dance Monkey" or breaking out the ceremonial Chinese dragons would get everyone's attention and be a ratings winner.

Now onto the more important part of the petition: the unfinished business.

Back in 2005, Mayhem and current Welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre had an epic, bloody battle. After losing by Unanimous Decision, Mayhem had some complaints about GSP being a little greasy. Now, in the post-Greasegate Era, Mayhem has renewed those objections and there is only one way I know of for fighters to settle their differences...

This works on so many levels!

Once GSP gets through with Thiago Alves - and he will get through with Thiago Alves - there isn't anyone on the immediate horizon in the Welterweight division worthy of a title shot.

We get a rematch of an epic bout and all that yapping Mayhem has been doing about GSP greasing can get resolved once and for all with what would hopefully be a great fight.

Of course, Mayhem has some unfinished business with Jacare for the DREAM Middleweight belt and he's fighting at 185 now, but still...

Add your name in the comments section if you want more Mayhem!


  1. I second this motion

  2. i sign this petition!
    -ron hudson, vancouver bc

  3. Mayhem has flat out said he's never making the cut to 170 again. However, this could be a fun test to see how GSP looks at 185.


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