Sunday, May 3, 2009


Why this took so long is beyond me.

Keyboard Kimura is the combination of two of my biggest passions - Mixed Martial Arts and writing.

Like many long-time MMA fans, I've been following the sport since the days of open weight tournaments with no rules and Royce Gracie submitting people from his back. Since those days, I've immersed myself in the sport, devouring as much information as possible. For the last nine months, my stories, opinions and predictions from around the world of Mixed Martial Arts have regularly appeared on The Love of Sports.

Now, they have a new home.

So what can you expect from Keyboard Kimura?

Monthly Pound-for-Pound Rankings, breakdowns of all the major fight cards, coverage of up-and-coming fighters and editorials on everything from Dana White's proficiency for profanities to what the future of fighting holds for veterans and prospects alike.

Basically, prepare yourself for complete MMA coverage on a daily basis.

Let's Get It On!


  1. Now thats what I call a fan site!
    More than a fan site, but I mean someone
    who create a site purely out of passion.

    I've personally got started with JKD,
    but am a big MMA fan now.

    Way to go!

  2. I start loving MMA too. It is great, I like it. Yet, I still don't understand the rules of this sports. Though, I enjoy watching this sport.

  3. Yes, I kinda like this sport lately. I consider watching this sport for my entertainment at the weekend. Same like Emil, I also don’t understand well enough about this sport rules. Could you please explain it tome? Thank you.

  4. My husband enjoys watching this kind of sport. In this post, "Keyboard Kimura is the combination of two of my biggest passions - Mixed Martial Arts and writing."

    Does it mean that the mixed martial art experience written into book, entitled "The Love of Sports"? What does "The Love of Sports" contain?

  5. I really like the sport and I really like to see television shows about sports. Usually, my wife and I always exercise on weekends. And we often watch a sporting event. I think this is great and I love MMA. Can you give a review more about MMA? I really want to know.


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