Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Debating Dana White

With ESPN's E:60 running a piece on UFC President Dana White last night, it's only fitting that we devote today's entry to discussing the never subtle, always talking man in charge of the biggest organization in Mixed Martial Arts.

I'm going to leave my personal thoughts and feelings on Dana out of this and simply serve as the moderator here, giving you the pros and cons as they have been presented recently through the media and let you decide for yourself.

Since they're way more fun, let's start with the cons...

  • Loves the F-Bomb: the guy has to actually try not to swear at times and uses the F-bomb with unbelievable regularity.
  • The Loretta Hunt Rant: it's never a good idea for the president of a company to record and publish himself calling out a member of the media using homophobic slurs, intended as such or not.
  • Vindictive: Shall we list all the people Dana White has tried to stick it to over the years? Just to name a few, you've got Couture, Tito and Jon Fitch, the last of whom was cut from the organization over a video game after he headlined a PPV.
  • Spotlight Hungry: Seems to like being the star of the show and the biggest name in the organization more than anything.
There are, of course, some pros to Mr. Dana White as well:

  • Passionate: Dude never sleeps. He's always working to make the UFC the best it can be and that is commendable.
  • Strong Businessman: He's taken this thing from the verge of extinction and made it the biggest spectacle around. You don't do that by being bad in the boardroom.
  • Real: Something has to be said about a guy in a position like White is that is willing to be himself, for good or bad. I mean, he could be Gary Bettman or Bud Selig, right?
  • Ahead of the Curve: Everyone else is always trying to catch up to the UFC while they're onto the next thing. Whether it's new markets, new stars or new partnerships, White is always one step ahead.
Since I don't know him personally (yet!), I'm not going to try to tell you about Dana White the father or his charitable efforts or anything like that because how good a parent he is doesn't really impact whether he is the right guy to lead the UFC into the mainstream as E:60 asked and failed to answer last night.

There are clearly pros and cons when it comes to Dana White. The question is just whether you're willing to accept the bad with the good or if you'd rather see someone else running the show?

Let us know.

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